Forest Lawn Creek Eco Industrial Park Master Plan


City of Calgary, Office of Land Servicing and Housing


O2 Planning and Design, with Urbsworks, Watt Consulting, and MPE


Calgary, Alberta, Canada




GeoDesign, Urban Design, Urban Planning, GIS, 3D Visualization, Planning Approvals, Stakeholder Engagement, NCI Charette

The City of Calgary retained O2 to lead a master planning process for highly conflicted industrial lands in south east Calgary. Working with Urbsworks, Watt Consulting, and MPE, O2 used a charrette design process--an intense 4-5 day design workshop--to bring stakeholders together to tackle conflicting City directives regarding parks and recreation, storm water management, and economic development in order to produce a cohesive, integrated, and viable master plan.

My role in the project was to ensure that we could maintain the level of technical organization and analytical rigor required to support informed stakeholder decision-making, all within the intense time requirements of the design charrette process. To do this, I developed a comprehensive 'GeoDesign' Python package to support a design and analysis workflow in ArcGIS and CityEngine. This package allowed me to digitally diagram design proposals, generate plans, analyze plan performance, and generate complete 3D models between daily charrette events. Using this process, myself and two other O2 staff were able to tackle within 3-4 hours all digital design, analysis, and 3D rendering that might have otherwise taken numerous staff several days to complete,