Augustana Area Redevelopment Plan


City of Camrose


O2 Planning and Design


Camrose, Alberta, Canada




Urban Planning, 3D Visualization

O2 was retained to prepare an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for the City of Camrose in the Augustana neighborhood adjacent to the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus. One of the key goals of the Area Redevelopment Plan was to promote for sensitive infill and redevelopment at strategic locations, while preserving the existing character of the community.

To support this, I was tasked with modeling the Town's zoning bylaw and several redevelopment scenarios in 3D. I created a parametric representation of zoning rules to create an 'as-of-right' representation of building envelopes. These models were used to illustrate development potential and inform discussions with local residents about the scale and scope of potential redevelopment that could already occur next door.