Urban Planning & Design

In a past life, I worked as experienced urban planner and urban designer. It's still an important part of what I do and who I am, but I approach to it with a much different perspective now.

That short career lended me a few things, including:

  • an extensive portfolio of complex, multi-disciplinary projects in urban planning, urban design, master planning, regional planning, redevelopment, and revitalization across a range of spatial and temporal scales
  • strong experience facilitating and presenting in community and government consultation and engagement processes
  • a refined urban design sense developed through six years working on public- and private-sector projects in the U.S. and Canada
  • a practiced hand in traditional urban design methods, including hand-mapping and drawing within a charrette environment
  • a high proficiency in software tools of the trade, including GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS) and 3D modeling programs (Sketch-Up, CityEngine)

Take a look at my project portfolio for specific examples of the kind of work I've done.

I was previously an urban planner (et. al.) with O2 Planning + Design in Calgary, Alberta, where I supported both the planning and design studios. Prior to that, I had a formative economic development internship with the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I acquired my master's degree in city planning from PennDesign at the University of Pennsylvania.