Florida's Super Region: Connecting For Global Competitiveness






Orlando and Tampa Bay, Florida, USA


Spring 2010


GIS, Regional Planning, Urban Design, Transportation Planning, Academic Studio

The 'super-region' of central Florida, comprised of thirteen counties, worked with PennDesign to understand the implications of spatial growth on economic development, urban form, environment, and transportation. Working under the assumption that regional transit, in the form of high speed rail from St. Petersburg and Tampa to Orlando to Daytona along the I-4 corridor, could be a near term possibilty, the studio explored how regional transit could support urban investment and development, and how good urban design could support better transit use.

I helped prepare a regional growth model to understand the implications of a regional transit network. This entailed a undertaking a spatial regression analysis to understand the probability of development across the region. From this, two scenarios were created by allocating the projected population using different sets of assumptions about how population might be absorbed given the transportation network.

For more information, view the report here.