The Calgary Regional Partnership Transit Oriented Development Toolbox + Pilot Projects


Calgary Regional Parternship


O2 Planning and Design, with Nelson/Nygaard


Alberta, Canada




Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Stakeholder Engagement

The Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) retained O2 to create the second in a series of three planning "toolbox" resources intended to assist regional member municipalities in implementing the policies of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP). This second toolbox is intended to illustrate how municipalities might consider planning for and supporting transit-oriented development within a regional context.

O2 staff, supported by transportation exports at Nelson/Nygaard, researched and developed a series of tools covering a range of topics, including strategic policy, site planning processes, and transit system design. Additionally, the project team developed a process manual, describing how municipal planners would apply tools within the Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA) planning process.

With the support of two towns within the region, I led the master planning and urban design of two pilot TOD sites for the process manual, which included creating highly detailed 3D models in CityEngine. Each pilot project provided real-world examples of tool applications within both greenfield and redevelopment contexts.