The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth Regional Plan


The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G)


O2 Planning and Design


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada




Urban Planning, Regional Planning, GIS, Stakeholder Engagement


Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) initiated the creation of a regional plan to adopt a long term view and plan for land use and servicing that is regional in scope. The plan is intended to establish a coordinated approach to matters related to the physical, social, or economic circumstances of the Saskatoon region that may affect the development of the region as a whole over the next 50 years.

I served as an interim co-project manager for O2 Planning + Design from Spring 2015 until early 2016. My responsibilities included creating draft planning documents, regional land use planning and mapping using O2's GeoDesign approach, and facilitating public and stakeholder engagement.