The Calgary Regional Partnership Greenfield Development Toolbox


Calgary Regional Parternship


O2 Planning and Design, with Urbsworks


Alberta, Canada




Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Stakeholder Engagement

The Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) retained O2 to create the first in a series of three planning "toolbox" resources intended to assist regional member municipalities in implementing the policies of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP). This first toolbox was to illustrate how municipalities might support a regionally sustainable approach to spatial planning in the face of high development pressure on their greenfield edges.

O2 staff, with support from Urbsworks, researched and developed a series of tools covering a range of topics, including strategic policy, site planning processes, and implementation mechanisms. The team conducted a series of educational workshops with local municipal staff to introduce them to the toolbox resources and to solicit input about how it might support their daily needs.

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